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About us

Who are we?
Singles Attraction is an online matchmaking service designed and created for single people who want to have fun dating and find their life partner. Our secure website lets you mingle and meet potentials through an easy and safe environment. We are UK registered company but our service extends beyond covering most parts of the world where online dating is permitted.

Our Purpose
Soulmates are real and we understand this. He or she is the most compatible partner you'll ever have. They bring out the best in you and have your best interests at heart. Connection with someone who shares the same outlook and values in life is something we all desire and need. Singles Attraction’s mission is to aid you in finding your ideal romantic partner, for that special lifelong relationship.

Why us for your online dating?

Register with us it's free and you can view your matches and begin conversations. Singlesattraction.com matches members based on a system that delivers you results that match your personality, intellect, passions and other important factors of who you are. Our simple yet effective platform is a wonderful place to find and connect with like-minded and like hearted individuals, then dating and ultimately a loving lasting relationship. This is our vision for you! 

We believe there is someone for everyone. The world is a big enough place and there are more than enough reasons why. Someone who likes the same jokes as you, who likes the same food as you, who enjoys the same things in life like you do. Find great matches and great dates on Singles Attraction.

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